Monday, 2 December 2013

Tutorial: Vested Interest - Scarf to Vest in 3 Easy Steps

Monday, 2 December 2013
 Get the Look with Lightweight Scarves by Jessica T
 Get the Look with Lightweight Scarves by Jessica T

We can't get enough of this look at Jessica T HQ! Even though we tend to be a little on the vertically challenged side, we personally love the cape look that longer scarves create, especially when the lightweight fabric flows as you walk. It's like having your own personal wind machine! 

Half the fun, of course, is experimenting with different size and style scarves and seeing what works for you and your wardrobe.

We used the Meji Leaf Scarf [Red] for this tutorial, which is also available in Black. Our Feather Circle Scarf [Blue] is slightly longer and would be perfect for the  longer cape look if that's your thing, plus it would look beautiful belted at the waist too - so many options!


xx Jessica T

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[Many thanks to Love Maegan and beaYOUUtiful (and Nordstrom by association) for inspiring this post and helping us get the most out of our scarves too!]

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